Where Was She Wednesdays

I mentioned in my last post that I would soon be weaving in extra posts that are less about my musings and more about just the facts. Why? Some of my followers mentioned that they’d like to know where I travelled (25 years ago) in between the places I’ve chosen to blog about.

That’s how the idea for my WWW List was born. (WWW stands for “Where Was [She] Wednesdays.” I know, I know. There should be an “s” in there too. Just ignore it, k?)  Each Wednesday, I’ll play a bit of catch-up by listing all locations and experiences that I have been reminiscing and reading about on my own every morning – i.e., the ones I haven’t highlighted in a specific individual post.

Ready for my first WWW List? This one will be longer than normal since I’m listing three weeks’ worth of activity this time around. Next Wednesday, the WWW list will be much shorter. Here we go:

  • 10/2/90 – Toronto to Chicago (airport only) to San Francisco (you can read about Day 1 by clicking here.)
  • 10/3/90 – Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, kicking around San Fran
  • 10/4/90 – Napa Valley for epic wine tasting tour (wasted on our undeveloped palates, but enjoyed all the same.) Luckily a local friend offered to be our DD!
  • 10/5/90 – missed this whole day thanks to crossing the international date line en route to Fiji. I thought that was a really cool thing back then, and still do now, come to think of it!
  • 10/6/90 – Nadi to Rakiraki 
  • 10/7/90 – Nananu-I-Ra, a 3.5-km-wide Fijian island reached by large aluminum rowboat outfitted with a rusty outboard motor. (The brochure called it “a ferry”… haha.) Ended the day with a traditional Kava-drinking ceremony… horrible-tasting and face-numbing, but pretty cool in a let’s-bring-everybody-on-this-tiny-island-together kind of way. If you’re curious you can learn more about it on this actual 20-something blogger’s travel site.  She describes the ritual perfectly.

    Nananu-I-Ra island, Fiji

    Nananu-I-Ra island, Fiji

  • 10/8/90 – more chillin’ at Kontiki beach in Nananu-I-Ra. Our accommodations are super-low budget. Picture Gilligan’s thatched-roof hut, only smaller and less swanky, with mosquito nets to keep away the multitude of bugs that come out at night. Shared outhouse and outdoor shower. Shared “kitchen shed” with hot plate for all 20 guests. (We had to bring our own groceries. No shops or restaurants on the island.) I googled Nananu-I-Ra’s current resorts and none of them compare to this pared-down place. It might sound dismal to you, but even though I could afford a much higher-end resort now, I would love to go back in time to this exact spot. Just sand, sea, incredible views, relaxation, beautiful vegetation, cool people. It was magic.
  • 10/9/90 – Nananu-I-Ra via “ferry” to Rakiraki where we board a hellish bus to Suva (capital of Fiji) to see some sites.
  • 10/10/90 – from Suva we fly to Auckland
  • 10/11/90 – Auckland, on New Zealand’s north island
  • 10/12/90 – Rotorua, known for its geysers and natural thermal springs
  • 10/13/90 – Rotorua to Auckland (this is the hitch-hiking day described in an earlier post)
  • 10/14–15/90 – fly to Cairns, Australia
  • 10/16–18/90 – Cape Tribulation, Queensland: here we stayed in “Jungle Lodge,” a backpacker’s paradise in the rainforest! (A snake surprised us in our eco-cabin one night.)
  • 10/19–21/90 – more time in Cairns with stops in Mossman and Port Douglas. Most of our time is spent sailing and snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef, which was a major highlight of the trip for so many reasons! But more on that another time…

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