Where’s the Action?

Somehow it’s time for WWW (Where Was She Wednesday) again… and I didn’t do my regular weekly post in between this WWW and last week’s WWW. I’ve been extra busy with family and work, but that wasn’t the real reason. The real reason is because I hit a snag.

If you read my post from September 28, you already know that when I set out on this Dusty Journal project, I promised myself that it wouldn’t be just about reading and reflection. I wanted my new daily habit to be more than just a schmaltzy trip down memory lane. (Although that aspect of it has turned out to be fun, for sure.) What I really wanted was to be inspired to break out of my rut. An excuse to do something new, different, maybe even a little daring. I didn’t know what these new activities or behaviours might be, I just had a strong intuition that something in my journals would give me the spark I needed.

This project is supposed to be about ACTION.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s deadly.”

                                                          – Paul Coelho

So, everything was going exactly as planned. I got my first big “action” idea last week and wrote a draft post all about it. I was pumped! Couldn’t wait to get going. Spent a good bit of time on research and set up for my exciting outside-the-box scheme.  And then I remembered something important: I’m not single and 25 anymore… I now have a family to consider. This particular adventure would affect them too. One by one, I told each of my guys about my idea. I hoped for some degree of excitement, approval or at least curiosity. Instead their reactions ranged from indifferent to down-right pissed off.

Consider my bubble burst. This is going to be harder than I thought.

I decided it would be better to put this particular idea on hold rather than force-feed it to my family – I’m hoping that maybe they’ll come around with a little persuasion and time to digest my (admittedly) harebrained idea. Until then, I need to come up with Action Plan #2. (Send me ideas if you have any. No sky diving or tattoos, K?) I don’t want to reveal what Action Plan #1 was because I haven’t given up on it yet. With any luck, I’ll be posting all about it in a few weeks. (In fact, I notice that my husband is already starting to warm up to it just a wee bit.)

And now without further ado, here’s the WWW list…

  • Oct 29 – Nov 1:  Sydney: so many awesome things seen, but highlights were the Sydney Opera House, going to a killer Midnight Oil concert, and meeting yet another incredible local who insisted on rescuing us from the King’s Cross hovel we were planning to stay in. This angel’s name was Andrea; she lived in a brand-new spacious condo and we ended up staying and partying with her the whole time we were there. She was too much fun – we got along like old friends right from the get-go.

    Seeing “The Importance of Being Earnest” at the Sydney Opera House for $15 almost blew our $48/day budget. Luckily free accommodation during the rest of our stay in Oz made up for our splurges. (Geez… I hope that’s not what I wore to the play?!)

    (Hmm. What ever happened to Andrea? We stayed in touch for quite a while, and then poof! Off the radar. Maybe I should track her down as my Action Plan #2. Nah. Trolling for someone on FaceBook doesn’t exactly count as action or adventure, does it? I can probably do better than that…)

  • Nov 2 – Nov 3:  Melbourne: From the outset, part of the plan for our trip was meeting our fabled Australian relatives. We knew that a whole branch of our family lived there, but had never met them. What a huge, happy, woggy (you’ll know that word only if you live down under… google it) tribe of wonderful people they turned out to be! We were treated like royalty. A few years later they came to see us in Canada too and we got to return their hospitality.


    Australian penguins are too cute!

  • Nov 4: Phillip Island to see the famous faerie penguin parade with our new Aussie family.

More fun in Melbourne in the next post….


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